Lady Gaga: Reminding Us That We Can Always Transform Ourselves


Underneath the wild costumes and meat dresses, Lady Gaga is a true talent. Singer, songwriter, and pianist, Gaga has it all when it comes to being an incomparable entertainer.

As a singer, Lady Gaga does not appear to fear approaching some of the most memorable songs of our time and putting her own stamp on them. The Lady’s performance of Julie Andrews’ The Sound of Music at the 2015 Grammys blew everyone away.

Gaga with her rendition of The Sound of Music at 2015 Grammys

video via the Los Angeles Times YouTube Channel

As we remember this Gaga always…

Performing Bad Romance live at Austin Texas NXNW festival in 2011

via the News Channel on YouTube

…we are sure that all the versions of Lady Gaga that have burst onto the scene in the last decade are still relaxing in her closet waiting eagerly to be asked out on a date. In the meantime we get to experience her incredible new release, a cover of the song La Vie en Rose, originally sung by Edith Piaf.

Though we all know that Gaga can sing, her performance of Piaf’s La Vie en Rose is quite spectacular and shows everyone that no matter the song or the genre, Lady Gaga can always add her own vibe to a performance.

Lady Gaga singing La Vie en Rose at the Montreux Jazz Fest

via Gaga Daily on YouTube

Performing with her sultry fem siren look of old, Gaga bolted La Vie en Rose, and yet knew when to toss in those subtle, flirty, and even funny moments. If you’re a new Lady Gaga fan or have been with her since she was simulating vomiting on the stage of NXNW in Austin, Texas, there is no denying that her cover of this Piaf classic is unforgettable.