Caitlyn Jenner’s Major Appearance at the ESPY’s


After all the tweets about one of women’s major concerns when invited to a special event, what oh what to wear! Caitlyn Jenner’s first preferences were that of many women, Diane von Furstenberg’s wrap dresses, and Herve Leger’s fitted bandage dresses. Both two magnificent style choices for a woman receiving an ESPY award.

Although this woman’s appearance is a major deal. She used be Bruce Jenner, one of the best athletes in the world.

After a full olife of varying successes in sports, television, and business, Bruce Jenner had one dream for life that would make it all complete, and that was to finally become Caitlyn, the woman he felt he had always been.

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Caitlyn at the ESPY’s

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Seeking the help of Angelina Jolie Pitt’s stylist, Jen Rade, Caitlyn chose Atelier Versace’s white long-sleeved column style dress, perfect for a tall athletic figure. Of course there was enough anticipation and excitement surrounding Caitlyn’s first televised fashion experience, but there was even more excitement over the main purpose for her invitation; to receive the coveted Arthur Ashe Courage Award.

Reports are that Caitlyn’s speech was spot on, absolutely perfect, and that she figuratively and literally shined in the spotlight that was placed upon her wearing some big-time bling provided by Beladora. Caitlyn wore emerald and pearl earrings with a diamond and sapphire bracelet. The dress and jewelry were fit for a queen.


A lot of the public response was very supportive of Caitlyn and the receiving of the award, but others still felt as though calling Caitlyn Jenner a person of courage, overshadows those like Arthur Ashe who was a tennis star in the midst of racial prejudice and segregation, and who also died of Aids before there were the list of life saving medicines that exist today.

Either way, transitioning one’s gender is certainly not an easy choice, and is a choice too many will never make because of the difficulty and shame. So one could think of Jenner as courageous for making the choice at this time in her life.

photo courtesy of Caitlyn Jenner via Vogue

Caitlyn Jenner and Family

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