All of us find ourselves in fear at some time in our lives, and fear is, as Kimm and I say, part of the human experience. It has been said that the emotion of fear is the province of the Ego, and I think Kimm and I would agree with that. The Ego is sometimes a protector of sorts, and when we are in danger, the ego produces fear in us so that we can be on high alert.


But fear also occurs when we are about to make big changes in our lives, and even in this case, fear need not be an enemy. It can make us pause and reflect on what we are about to do, which can be a necessary part of change. As long as we are committed enough to our path more than we are afraid, fear can help us define exactly what it is we feel we need to do for ourselves in order to live more fully and passionately, and to find happiness and peace.

As long as I am in my body, I will be fearful at times. The human experience encompasses all the emotions, and emotions are neither positive nor negative. They just are. And allowing ourselves to feel how we feel, process it, and then move on, is the only healthy way to have emotions. Remember: Nothing stays the same. Change is an inevitable part of life, and no matter how we feel at one moment in time, you can be sure the feeling will eventually change. It’s the law.

But fear need not tie us in knots and paralyze us. Fear, recognized for what it is and not given free reign, can be a helpful ally. It can tell us to be cautious when caution is needed, and it can accompany us on our leap into the unknown, keeping us safe. If you can accept fear as a part of the human condition, and not fear the fear, it is more likely to pass quickly and leave you free to choose.


The trick is to acknowledge your fear and move through it anyway. Fear is an intrinsic part of moving forward. It’s okay to be afraid as long as you don’t let it stop you in your tracks. “Keep on keepin’ on!” The fear will subside and you may just find everything you are looking for in your life.

But do not allow fear to make you feel you have failed. Every living person feels fear. There is no immunization against it. However you can feel it, but not let it. As a part of the Ego, which is really a frightened child, you don’t want fear in the driver’s seat. Look at it squarely. Clearly. Even say aloud, “I am afraid.” You won’t disappear, the boogie man won’t get you. It will actually make you stronger and more determined in your life mission.