We, The UNteachers


Kimm and I have called ourselves the unteachers many times, but what exactly do we mean by that?

So many of us go through our lives acting on beliefs we were taught but did not choose. When you are very young, parents usually instill in their children their own ideas of what is right and wrong. Everything we think we know we have been taught. If we love others as equals, it is something that someone has taught us. If we hate, we have learned that hate from someone. But a lot of us find, as we grow as people, that what we have been taught no longer serves us and we have two choices. Continue to live by outdated beliefs, or make new choices for ourselves.  That is where Kimm and I come in. Your new job is to unlearn everything you know , to become more you, more authentic, and we are here to not only guide you in your journey of discovery, but cheer you on.

Even when we have moved into real adulthood and settled into a way of being, we can find ourselves at odds with what is, with who we think we have become. We can suddenly feel that all we thought we knew is no longer true for us. We find ourselves questioning everything we have been taught about life, and we can feel a bit lost. Confusion over what you have always believed your identity to be and what you now want can create feelings of frustration and even loss. It is true that when we let something go in order to move into something better, we may grieve for that which we have released.

As the unteachers, Kimm and I believe that there are as many paths to the truth as there are human beings. And it is up to each of us to learn what truly works for us, to find our own truth. You may consider yourself to be a New Ager, but find that meditation does not work for you. This can leave you feeling as though you have failed in one of New Age’s most important precepts – that all of us should learn to meditate, that meditation is the path to freeing the Self and discovering the soul. But for the unteachers, meditation is individual and personal, and there are as many ways to meditate as there are people who do it.

If you have been taught to fear that which is different than yourself but find that this belief system is sending you into a tailspin of depression, you must look within yourself to unearth the beliefs that you are at odds with, and unlearn them. This takes a lot of work and as the unteachers we are here to make that work as painless as we can. But make no mistake. There will be pain in rejecting what your parents taught you, what has become wrong for you. You must be courageous.

Un-teaching is something Kimm and I consider a great responsibility, and our clients honor us with their trust in our guidance. But this unlearning is a partnership. We do not consider ourselves “fixers”. If you feel broken it is up to you to repair the damage. We can help you find your way in the dark, but once you have arrived, it is all down to you.

Un-teaching is our passion. And we do it because, even though we believe in the Unity of all things, we also believe in you, the individual. We accept the duality of the human experience, and if nothing else, we want to see you accept and embrace all of who you are.

With Love from Faerie Andie