We have the Dynamic Duo on the ranch. Yes, Batman and Robin! They are outside dogs for the most part, however in the summer broil they like to be inside. Since Robin tears up the main house if he is left in there with no supervision he is always kept outside when nobody is home.  As Kimm and I are usually in our casita, the Duo comes in here to catch a respite from the beating sun.

We adore these boys! Batman is the consummate gentleman and our Chloe’s main protector, but don’t mess with him!!! He is Alpha around here. Robin is only just a year and a real goofball. Everything in existence is something to put in his mouth, and he strews garbage all over the place. But when he is inside with us, he is a Sweetheart. He sleeps harder and deeper than anyone we have ever known. It’s really quite something.

The other 2 big dogs on the ranch are affectionately called Tweedledum and Tweedledee – The Tweedles – by me and Kimmie. They are always in our landlady’s main house and that place, not having a metal roof, manages to stay fairly cool. Their real names are Bailey and Baloo and they are huge yellow Labs and a real handful! Biscuit time is a zoo in here. Kimm bakes them homemade biscuits every day with things like oats, peanut butter, sweet potato, pumpkin, and needless to say, the dogs LOVE them.  So at biscuit time they clamor at our door barking and carrying on until they gets their treats. The only one who doesn’t make life difficult is Batman. He patiently waits his turn at the back of the pack.

So here we are right now – Kimm, me, Chloe,Dharma, GG, Batman and Robin, trying to stay cool. Kimm and I have our ice cold beers, and the animals do the only thing one can do when it is this hot – SLEEP! It is actually a very beautiful visual. All of us in here, full of love and very connected. Hot though it may be…we are feeling quite blessed.