The heat of summer has definitely hit The Land of Enchantment! Here in the majestic mountains of New Mexico the sun bakes down and forces one to take cover. Even the outside dogs are in our little casita with us, where the tile floor offers some respite. But we are suffering too. With no air conditioning and just 3 fans aimed at our bodies – and with the sun’s rays beating down on our tin roof – we struggle to stay comfortable. Of course we are aware that many have it worse than we do. The evenings here are cool, and now that we have a screen on our door, we can leave it open until dark, when the cats have to come in. We must let the cats out during the day as there are coyotes and God knows what else out there at night.

However lazy these summer days may be, the iWonder Sisters are always on call and ready to offer you support. To all our readers and followers, we want you to know that it is your support of us that keeps us going, your stories that inspire us, and your courage to embrace all of who you are and the changes that ensue with that acceptance, that fills us with joy. Your growth is as important to us as our own.

We look forward to this summer as we want to make certain things manifest. One of them is a road trip to visit someone very dear to us in California. Another is getting a wonderful friend of mine here in time for my birthday. I turn 68 this year, and I am very excited about it. Kimm is already taunting me with her purchases for that event and I have to admit to a certain frustration with all this teasing. Unlike many “grown-ups” I love making a fuss on my birthday; I want pressies, cake and singing. The whole shebang!

As ever, we will continue to add to this blog all the time. Kimm just put up a FAB post on our haul from shopmissA.com on our “Beauty and Bling” page, and we hope you will all get inspired to try some of her amazing products. The iWonderSisterhood.com website is our baby and we love seeing it grow and evolve. We have come so far in just a bit over a year and are very proud of it.

However you guys may be spending your summer, we hope you will continue to check in with us. Right now we are having a contest for some free stuff from shopmissA.com and we encourage you to enter. Don’t delay!

Kimm and I wish you all a happy Summer Solstice and a sweet summertime.

Faerie Andie