Why We doTerra….and Looking For a Team of Holistic Magicians

photo via http://happyfoodhealthylife.com/

Many of you who follow this blog or connect with us on social media have seen us tweeting about our love for, and use of essential oils. And not just ANY essential oils; we love, use, and  work with doTerra. A lot of you may have heard about doTerra elsewhere and wasn’t sure what it was, or what made it different from just buying some much less expensive “essential” oils, somewhere else. Or you may have said, “here’s another multi-level biz thing and I just don’t feel like it”.

We understand, but we ARE going to say to you what you think we are…”doTerra IS different” and we wanted to share our personal “whys” as to why we chose the company, use the oils, and recommend them.

1. We were looking for something like essential oils for us and our pets, and our overall health. Andie and I both take prescription medicine and I know that I just told the nurse the other day that I started taking the oils for my sinuses and health and she said “great”. In my class last night with Dr. David Hill, the founder of doTerra, he wanted to stress that in no way, could doTerra be anti-medicine. The company works with many hospitals including Johns Hopkins.

2. We were looking for a product that we could use in our coaching practice, and since we are both drawn to aromas we knew it would be something like essential oils. The Universe played its part and without us saying anything, our landlady was over visiting for the Fall equinox and she left us two little bottles of doTerra which we began to use, already knowing a little about the benefits of pure essential therapeutic grade oils, which is what doTerra is.

3. We wanted an honest and reputable way to make extra money working with a product we really used everyday, and a product that actually works. Andie and I both use lavender everyday for calming and anxiety issues, Andie also uses lemon in her water everyday for balance and vibrancy. I have fallen in love with cedarwood and bergamot for their soothing and calming affects. It took us about 4 months before we started receiving small checks from doTerra that covered our monthly spending on the oils. But it could be faster for you or slower, depending on the group of people you work with. We recently just started receiving larger commissions. It is enough to pay two cell phone bills, and that’s after about 6 months. It all really depends on how active your group is, and we have a super group of ladies to work with!

4. doTerra is a company with a global conscience. One of the things that drew us to doTerra is the fact they there are no middlemen. The company deals directly with the growers, harvesters and producers of these amazing oils. doTerra gives back to its community of working partners. Fair and more-than-living wages are paid, and people are treated with respect and gratitude.

So these are our main reasons for working with doTerra….come join us!