I am pretty sure that either Kimm or I has written on this subject, but my short-term memory isn’t what it was and I can’t face going through all our prior posts. And anyway, the subject is an important one and a little repetition won’t hurt.

Choice. Regardless of your beliefs, each of us has it. And it can be, for some, one of the scariest things to face. Going through Life can be either a conscious effort or something we do with our eyes closed. If your eyes are closed and you find yourself in an uncomfortable rut, all I can say is look around you. Awaken! Or stay where you are. But if you are conscious, choice becomes an imperative that you cannot avoid. Even making no choice is a choice.

Choice is not a privilege, it is your birthright. But it is necessary to put some value on this gift to use it wisely. Making choices is really something all of us do everyday. You choose what you are going to wear, whether or not to eat breakfast or just drink some tea or coffee, to smile or frown. You are constantly deciding on one thing or another.

A choice is really a neutral thing, if you look at it objectively. Yes, some choices lead us astray and some further us along our path. But every choice you make will teach you something, and if you are alert to its lessons, no choice can be “bad”. Each choice is, in fact, a move forward. You may not see it that way at first, but it is. You will learn something new about yourself and your life through every choice, and that knowledge will inform further choices. And if you take responsibility for the choices you make, each one will move you further towards your goals.

When you are at a crossroads and choosing is imminent it can be a scary time in your life. Making a choice can become overwhelming, and you may procrastinate, trying to put off the inevitable. But if you think of every choice as something positive, you cannot make a “wrong” choice. In my mind, there is no such thing. If you make your choices in awareness, you will learn something valuable each time you choose.

Choice need not be a frightening aspect of life if you are open to the changes it might bring. There is a certain courage attached to the idea of choice, and if you can embrace your courage, choices will always benefit you. It is really about having an attitude of positivity, acceptance, and ownership. If a choice keeps you stuck, you must be okay with that.

If you are one of Life’s victims, there is little this post can do for you. That is your choice – to blame the world for your circumstances. Choosing requires a radical sense of responsibility and victims shun responsibility. Taking possession of your life is the most courageous thing you will ever do. Owning your choices and allowing each one to teach you something about yourself is the way you evolve as a human being and as a spiritual being. Open yourself to the choices in your life. Don’t be afraid of making mistakes, for they, too, teach us. And trust yourself a little. When you know what is in your heart, your instincts will guide. Choice is your gift to use. Cherish it.