The iWonderSisters are all about embracing and being fully in your humanity. To do that in a way that is fruitful and joyous requires that you unlearn a lot of what you think you know – let go of knee-jerk reactions and mind-sets that have become habitual, and developed over time from past traumas – and find what works for your most authentic self. So we think of ourselves as the “Un-Teachers”, guides rather than gurus, two women who would rather ask you the right question than give sage advice.

Unlearning is a deep and often painful process, but its rewards are immeasurable. And while it is something that can be done by oneself, it is best to have support and sounding boards. We can often get entangled in our own thought processes and go round in circles. An objective eye is really helpful.

Kimm and I also believe with all our hearts, that some of the New Age teachers speaking today miss the point about being on the earth plane. They talk about “negative emotions” as if they are something to be avoided and eventually transcended. They seem to make their audiences feel bad about themselves if they get angry or sad for too long, and they seem to forget that living on the earth plane as human beings means that we must experience the full gamut of emotions, including the difficult and challenging ones. After all, as humans we are going to have experiences that challenge us as well as ones that bring us laughter and joy. And you cannot be a less evolved person just because you feel anger. As long as you work through the feeling, whether it means having to have an uncomfortable conversation, or just journaling about the feeling, as long as you can express it in some healthy, freeing way and let it go, you are as evolved as the next person.

Kimm and I are not down on learning. I learn something about myself from each experience and encounter I have. But I would not be nearly as open to learning these life lessons if I hadn’t un-learned behaviors and thought patterns that no longer served me. I can hear what others are saying to me deeply because I am not always bound up in my self and my own head, and this teaches me as well. Unlearning is an essential part of learning what you really need to know. It means letting go of shit that holds you back, that keeps you stuck, and that brings pain.

Are you ready to unlearn? We are here for that purpose. It takes courage and commitment to un-learn. But we are ready to make that commitment to you if you are ready to unlearn and let go.