The tools we use in our spiritual journey and our magickal practices play a big part in feeling connected. What we choose to use for meditation, spellcraft, prayer, conjuring and other practices, must be reflections of who we are and have deep meanings for us. So it is prudent to not leap to choose tools before you have explored the innermost you, walked in Nature and observed with a keen eye, and done some research. When something resonates with you you will feel it, and a connection will be born. Think about what you most wish to accomplish with your practices and choose objects and symbols that most speak to your desires and needs.


I have several rituals that are a real adjunct to my spiritual journey and magickal practice. When I meditate or work with the Tarot, there are certain tools I use to get me focused, centered, and in the right frame of mind. They set the tone, the scene, and my emotions. Meditation is a big part of my life, and while I practice it in action, my primary way is sitting meditation. Before I begin, I light a candle and some incense, choose some stones to amplify my particular intention, and pick one of my homemade wands to hold. Then I sit on my bed and put on meditation music and start my relaxation process.

how_to_use_a_crystal_wand_ Azurite_crystals_w_Malachite

I hold the amplifying stones in my hands or set them in front of me. They have already been cleared and smudged. Everything I use during this ritual has a complimentary vibration to my own and either lifts me or calms me. It is a beautiful thing.

When I work with the Tarot I use a similar ritual. I light a candle and burn incense, and keep a wand handy. I can honestly say that all these tools can be dispensed with, but they deepen the experience for me and add a richness to my practice. I would not be lost without them, but they have become an important element. There is a purpose to ritual, and it is necessary for you to find your own purpose. No apologies need be made if ritual work is not for you, and the tools of the trade don’t work in your practice. Each of us must find our own way and be honest with ourselves about what feels right to us. And as you continue on your journey, the nature of your rituals may change and evolve. You might dispense with “tools”, or take them up. We are always changing and growing and so is our practice.

Experimentation is an integral part of finding what resonates with you. Remember your spiritual journey is singular to you. No one will ever walk the exact same path you walk, and no one will ever employ Sacred Tools in the same way you do. Celebrate your uniqueness by looking within. Try out different methods and approaches. Use the tools that feel right. Clear and cleanse them before you make them a part of your rituals. Connect with them, make them personal and intimate. Only then you will know what works for you and what doesn’t. And most importantly, let the process find its own way. Don’t impose yourself on it. These things should come with ease, not difficulty.

Andie the Fae