Magickal and Spiritual Tools: The Herb Damiana and The Witchy Mommy

Most forms of spirituality come with rituals, meditation, prayer, or devotion.These practices can include spiritual tools, that are a physical manifestation of our devotion, craft, or magick; or some choose to work with only the intangible tools of spirituality, such as Intention, Focus, and Will. The intangible tools, in my opinion, should always be used in our spiritual rituals and manifestations, but for many of us, the physical tools play a very significant part in how we live, practice, and manifest in our lives. Herbs, are one of these spiritual tools.

The Witchy Mommy On Etsy

Many of us spiritual witchy ones, love our tools and things. And herbs, with their myriad of uses are perfect for those who may be just beginning on a natural spiritual path. The planet is full of plants that hold magickal and medicinal uses, way too many for most books to mention, so it’s best to grab a book or do some research on the internet before you dive right in. The essential oils that Andie and I use in our daily lives and coaching practice, are the same way. This is why we also love to educate our readers and Twitter community on how these natural tools should be used. Always, always, if you are under a doctor’s care, or feel that your health is not up to par, consult a physician and be open with them about your intended use of herbs and oils, so that they can advise you personally. If you get a thumbs up from your doctor, the next best step is to find someone who knows their stuff, and that is just what we did!

Feather GardenBelle

Her name is Feather GardenBelle and she has a wonderfully unique and informative YouTube channel called The Witchy Mommy and a fabulous Facebook channel of the same name. We recently purchased an herb called Damiana. If you google it, you will see that Damiana has many purposes. Some of its main purposes are as a “love” herb, strengthening the libido, assisting the reproductive health, readying the mind and body for relaxation, and opening up the mind and spirit to creativity. Damiana can give some people a feeling of euphoria, and this is why it is not an herb that is sold by everyone, everywhere.

damiana package

With Feather’s help, we made an infusion with the herb, which was simple and a lot of fun! Since Andie and I love to make teas, creating an infusion was one of the most natural ways for us to begin using Damiana. As a person who deals with anxiety that makes me feel as if I am rushed on the inside, this herb attracted me for its relaxation properties. And as a Creative, I love its sort-of, third-eye opening affects. It is not a high, as you would receive from other substances. Damiana, seems to only take you where you intend to go. And usually for me…that’s to I love sleep, …but I digress.

We feel very fortunate and blessed to have found Feather through listening to other YouTube channels and we just love her spirit. Her prices are amazing, and her Etsy store is a little magickal oasis of pure love! We thank her for sharing her knowledge in a way that it really goes down like butter. And we like butter. So thank you Feather!

If you are interested in Damiana, you can contact Feather on her FB page only! To check out her other products, you can grab yourself, a glass of wine, cup of tea, or mug of beer,and click here. Feather’s shop on Etsy, says “sacred tools of the earth”. Through exploration, imagination, and some deeply loving intuition, you can find which spiritual tools are right for you.

Much love and blessings