The human experience we call Life, can often seem as though that is all there is. Life gets complicated, frenetic, overwhelming. We feel that we have little time for ourselves, and the human experience becomes burdensome. We get entrenched in family, work, and all the things that concern us, and forget that we are here to learn from this Life. We forget who we are.

The truth of it, as has been resolved by quantum physics, is that we are energy, pure energy, not the body that we carry around. We are souls in bodies, spirits, here to learn from the human experience. Here to evolve, to rediscover who and what we really are. And we are on two journeys.

One journey is the Life journey. We exist for a limited amount of time, we are finite beings finding out what it means to be human. Feeling emotions, having relationships, working out, eating, procreating – doing all the things that humans are expected to do to make Life worthwhile. We are born and the body dies after a time. Often this Life is lived on auto-pilot, going through the motions, but not really present. And that stunts the other journey, the journey of the soul.

The soul’s journey is one of learning the truth of existence – remembering what we are – and the soul’s journey is what gives the Life journey added meaning. A spiritual path is not about a god or deity, has nothing to do with religion as it is usually practiced. Your spiritual path is your soul’s journey “home”. Back to itself, to your essence. It is the attainment of the Universe’s highest connection: The connection to all, the becoming One.

So these two journey’s are not mutually exclusive. Each enriches the other. Living the human Life does not mean that you cannot be on a spiritual path. In fact the human experience begs for the ultimate connection to feel fulfilled. And you can take time enough for yourself to explore your truth. And being on a spiritual path does not mean that you must renounce all that gives you your humanity. These two journeys are taken in tandem when desired, and when done so they give each other their fullness and completeness.

I have known that I am pure spirit since I was a kid, but at the time I didn’t know what it was that I knew. My Life experience was structured such that that kind of awareness was discouraged. So I thought there was something wrong with me. I thought that well into adulthood, and I believe now that a part of what has been called my mental illness, has really been this awareness begging for expression.

Accepting the totality of who we are – both human and spirit – is a reward unto itself. It gives richness to everything, that would otherwise be lacking. Kimm and I often talk about self-acceptance, but this is even more than that. These two journeys may seem incompatible, but as long as we are human, each is useless without the other. Total acceptance requires acknowledging the duality of human existence, and all the layers within ourselves. It necessitates that we embrace our spirits as an essential part of who we are, for ultimately, that is all we will be. Remembering our truth might feel a bit fractured and scary. But in the end, it is the only way we can fulfill our soul’s purpose, and make the human experience have meaning.