The Personal Benefits of Spiritual Coaching

photo credit: The catch ! via photopin (license)
photo credit: The catch ! via photopin (license)

By now, most people are aware of life coaches. All of us have our own special niche and focus. With any successful coach, (meaning that they assist in helping others to change their lives) our focus develops naturally from the things we have personally had to learn in our own lives. Some coaches focus on helping clients with choosing the right career, some on finding the right relationship, and others have a spiritually centered practice. For me and for Andie, our spiritual selves are inclusive of all that we are,  so our focus is to assist you in finding a lasting peace in that area of your life, and in knowing that accepting your humanity, the light, the dark, the hidden shadows, the joy, the pain, the fulfillment, and the dissatisfaction, is the only way to live a wonder-filled life.

…Because life comes to us everyday, in many different forms. As my mother used to say, “some days you eat the bear, and other days, the bear eats you.” And because we are spiritual beings having a human experience, it is more joyful and peaceful to know this, and to accept everything that humanity has to offer. Acceptance doesn’t mean, giving up, or ceasing to desire better for yourself, it means that it’s best to stop fighting and start finding some peaceful spaces in your mind so that you can hear your soul’s solutions to these earthly problems. Artist and composer Sting, sings, “let your soul be your pilot. It’ll guide you well.” Believe me, I know, your soul has the answer, always. And it does not matter if you call it God, Goddess, Higher Self, Inner Being, your angels, your guides, or simply, your soul. It is what it is, and It knows.

Experiencing the power of working with a spiritual coach will help you get to the place where you find your own name for the Being inside that always knows, and your own path to get there. No coach can change your life. That’s right, ….no coach, no matter how great, how famous, can change your life. Only you can change your life. Because true change is about implementation. It is about putting into action what you have learned, remembered, and discovered about yourself. You can spend $500 on a coaching session, and many do, and kudos to those coaches; but ultimately, if the session or program is a success for you, it is because of the “power of YOU”. Coaches are assistants with a certain level of life experience, lessons, and wisdom, and an arsenal of tools that we share with you to help you build the life you want to live. But you are on the playing field. You are the quarterback and the receiver, and only you can score that touchdown.

A great coach will never leave you on the field alone, and will be there to cheer for you along the way. They stand on the sidelines and will hand you the tools you need to move your life forward. But a coach would be negligent if they tried, or allowed you to think that they could do it for you.

Our greatest desire as spiritual coaches, is to be able to reach out, take your hand, and say, “Dear One, we know how it goes. We have been there, and we are still in the midst of the “ING” ourselves. Still growING, changING, and learnING. But along the way we have gathered many tools that we use everyday to be at peace with life. Because we know that until you make friends with your life, nothing great will come of it.”

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Much love,


Andie and Kimm, The iWonder Sisters