I swear by sitting meditation. I have had some awesome experiences while cross-legged in front of my altar. I have a long way to go, and even though I have been practicing for a very long time, I will never be done learning and seeing my meditations evolve as I do.

Many people just cannot sit and meditate. No matter how much effort they put into it, the experience doesn’t satisfy them. And it’s my contention that many people whose brains are not wired for sitting meditation, can find it in other ways. Walking meditation is one way, but more mundane activities can also be a source of stillness.

I have found that doing the dishes is another way I quiet my mind and ground myself. Even cleaning the bathroom is a way I find I can center myself, still my mind, and just “be”. These forms of meditation are just as expanding and enlightening times for me as sitting.

I believe that stilling the mind and just being is beneficial for everyone, and that the world would be a better place if we all did some form of meditation each day.

Kimm, the other half of the iWonder Sisters, cannot do sitting meditation. She has spent much time trying, unsuccessfully by her standards, and after a long time of struggle, finally gave herself permission to find that stillness in other ways. Her latest form of meditation has come to her while she rakes and shovels horse poop here on the ranch. She has found it to be calming, centering, and a time of mental quiet for herself. As well as great exercise. I have seen her come back from 3 hours of shoveling shit very tired but actually refreshed and renewed. I think this is fantastic, it makes me really happy for Kimm, and I applaud her!

We all must find ways to stillness, and if that means finding it through activity, that’s what you do. There are as many ways to meditate as there are people on the planet, and those who do sitting meditation are not superior to anyone. Forget about the idea that you can only achieve enlightenment on one path. There are many paths. Many ways. And your way is as “right” as any other.

Stilling the mind, quieting the thoughts, and expanding our hearts is, as far as I am concerned, something we all need to stay centered, grounded, open, and happy. Find your own way to this joyous experience. Do what works for you, with no apologies to anyone. It will be your very own amazing journey.