I was going to write this in our Simple Contentment section, but this is much more complex. Not all emotions are complicated, but this one is.

Sharing ourselves emotionally with others is one of the most difficult things to do in life. Opening yourself up to possible rejection or criticism means you must make yourself very vulnerable. Not many people are comfortable with that. So it takes a lot of courage to go past the fears that come along with being vulnerable, to let someone in, to know who to trust, to take a huge risk.

I have always felt honored when friends have laid themselves bare. I have felt honored and responsible for holding someone else’s feelings in a safe and private place. It is part of my life’s purpose to help others feel safe enough to open up. But the honor of being trusted is overwhelming as well as immensely satisfying. If I can give someone I care about that feeling of safety and knowledge that he/she will not be betrayed, I am joyful.

My relationship with Kimm has that safety. Each of us feels secure that we are not going to be judged or abandoned because of something we have shared. It is a beautiful thing to feel that safe. I cherish that so much. And I am honored.

So this couldn’t have been a Simple Contentment because each of us has many layers and sometimes we need to peel them one at a time to open ourselves to someone. There is a certain pain involved in that, but the biggest emotion is one of relief that we have indeed found the safety we need to freely express ourselves, to share the totality of who we are.