I’m Hot, I’m Cold, I’m Menopausal

photo credit: Robb North via photopin cc
photo credit: Robb North via photopin cc

Unlike many women my age, I am finding the aging process fun and interesting. Not because it’s all gumdrops and jellybeans, but because to gracefully move into Change, wonder and acceptance are key. I don’t enjoy the stiffness, or little aches and pains, but I don’t hate them either. I allow my body to speak to me and give me messages about what it needs in the present moment. Perimenopause is one of these changes that women must approach with wonder and acceptance. Menopause is an inevitable change that will happen to all women in some way, and is as natural as the beginning of the menses.

It helped tremendously that I had a mother who celebrated all of her changes. She also gave me a very positive outlook about my menstrual cycle and often spoke to me about the hormonal changes I would experience in the future. She never made menopause seem like a dreaded disease, she honored it and was excited about entering a new phase of life. This is how I feel now that I am entering my own new journey, a wonderful stage of life where I am transforming from the reproductive stage into the stage of maturity and wisdom. As I experience the hot and cold of this process, sometimes it’s annoying, sometimes it’s quite funny. I am simply enjoying walking this latest life path.

There is no need to cause our own suffering over a natural part of female life that will occur whether we honor it or dread it. Menopause reminds us that nothing stays the same and that life itself is mainly about change and transformation. Menopause is not a disease. It is a passage. And we can control the way we feel about any of life’s transformations. How we feel about anything is our choice. I’m lucky because my mother laid for me a wonderful foundation of joy when it comes to aging. But if you don’t have the benefit of that type of foundation, you can begin now to accept the inevitable and watch it all unfold. The acceptance of the aches and pains, hot flashes, and cold flashes, helps you to honor who you are and who you are becoming.

The process of menopause is not exempt from the power of the law of attraction. What you think and speak repeatedly about this time in your life will paint the picture of what it will mean to you and how it will feel. If you focus on the changes in a negative way, it will feel like a dreadful journey. And because menopause can be quite a long process, I would suggest seeing it in another way.

Andie and I talk a lot about “wonder”. We are the iWonder Sisters. We are both blessed with the ability to view change in an anticipatory way. We naturally know that good things will be born out change, if we embrace it. I choose not to see menopause as some form of suffering, but instead as a natural and sacred part of my life. In many spiritual schools of New Thought, menopause is seen as the rising and awakening of the Kundalini energy, the sacred Shakti energy that is the life force of creativity and vitality for all humankind. Menopause is the female body’s way of expressing and releasing this Shakti energy. This is one reason why so many women feel so much more alive once they go through it.

Our thoughts, beliefs, bodies, the Universe, planet Earth, the moon, all go through cycles of change. Embrace this time in your life as a way of giving birth to your new self.

Kimm aka Your Conscious Techno Geek