Today I want to speak about friendship. It is a deeply unique connection that one person has with another. It is founded upon the growth of each person, and fluidity of acceptance and respect they have for each other. A true friend loves you enough to let you go if it is in your best interests to move on. Friendship is not clingy.

You may depend on your friend for support and love, but not be dependent upon them for your happiness. That would not be friendship but, rather, pathology. Happiness comes from within and cannot be bestowed.

As each of us is a reflection of the other, as we see ourselves in the eyes of those who truly know and love us, our friends can remind us of who we are when we forget, when we feel lost. And they remind us silently with a touch, a look, a smile, a hug – gifts whose value is immeasurable.

Kimm and I are friends, but our friendship is so deep we consider ourselves sisters. I have never been able to be more wholly myself without fear of judgment than in this relationship. I love her unconditionally, and there is nothing she could do that would shake that love. I root for her success and happiness, even if that means it has to be without me. She can tell me anything and I her. We laugh more than I have ever laughed (everyday) in my entire life. We feel a commitment to each other, and a joy in each other’s accomplishments. Our gratitude for each other runs very deep. I am grateful each day for Kimm in my life.

Best of all, we accept and encourage growth in each other. Change is inevitable, and we walk through our friendship with that in mind. We accept each other as we come, and embrace the changes that occur in each other. That acceptance has helped me blossom in the last year, become more of who I am, be more authentic. We energize each other, inspire each other, feel like family, and I am sure that whatever may happen, we will always be family. And it doesn’t get any better than that.

But friendship is a fluid thing, a process that requires a certain amount of work, internal work. I constantly think about how I can be a better friend. It makes me a better person.

Relationships can be very fragile things, especially if people are not honest about who they are. My relationship with Kimm has a strong foundation of honesty and openness and that is a big part of the joy it gives me. I wish for all of you, this experience of friendship, and hope that those of you who have it, cherish it with all your hearts.