doTerra Essential Oils: They Are Changing My Life

Once upon a time, I worked with Young Living Essential Oils, but I found them to be too elitist, and the business aspect of the company a bit disconnected. But I had always been interested in working with essential oils both for myself and in my healing practice, and began using another company for my purposes. However, since my introduction to doTerra Essential Oils, everything has changed, and happily so.

Learning the different properties and uses of each single oil as well as all the blends, has been so enriching and downright fun, and my personal use of them has given me more energy, promoted a deeper and more restful sleep, and made life in general more serene. Kimm and I use different oils every day, both in the diffuser, and in our water, depending on what our needs are for that day. For instance, today in my water glass I have put Slim and Sassy, Frankinsense, and Peppermint.


Slim and Sassy is a metabolic miracle, boosting your metabolism and giving you energy without any jitters. It contains grapefruit, lemon, peppermint, ginger and cinnamon. It calms your cravings and is a very gentle diuretic. One drop in a glass of water is all you need.


Frankincense is an oil that is good for whatever ails you. It boosts your immune system, promotes cellular health – which means the repairing and healing of every cell in your body – , and is good for scars, stretch marks, and a radiant complexion. I use it with my night cream to give my skin a healthy glow.


Peppermint is an oil I use almost every day. It clears your respiratory system, uplifts the spirit, and is great for an upset tummy. For me, I use it as a pick-me-up in the mid-afternoon with a drop of lemon.

doTerra oils are concentrated and pure and the small bottles go very, very far as all you need is one drop to do the job. When Kimm and I use the diffuser in the morning we only put one drop of each oil that we want to use for that day. Today we have Balance and Citrus Bliss. Balance is what they call a grounding blend that calms and centers your entire system, and promotes feelings of peace. Citrus Bliss is also a mood elevator, as well as an air purifier. It also reduces stress.


doTerra Essential Oils can be diffused for the aroma, applied topically, and ingested, and each oil tells you exactly how it may be used. One of the best things about the company is that they have a global conscience, and deal directly with the farmers and gardeners who produce the oils. No middlemen! The growers are paid well and fairly for their work, dedication, and committment. doTerra is all about giving back. To my knowledge, no other essential oil company is as concerned about the rest of the world as doTerra.

It is with pleasure and gratitude that Kimm and I have incorporated the use of doTerra Essential oils into our personal lives and our coaching and healing practices.