The Healer: by Lloyd Matthew Thompson

If I’m honest, which I try to be most of the time; the internet has almost ruined my reading brain. There is so much easy access to EVERYTHING. But every now and again, I still love to enjoy a juicy and enlightening read. Recently I had that opportunity, with a book by author Lloyd Matthew Thompson, titled, The Healer. Of course, truthfully, the book had me at the title. Considering myself a mystic, spiritual teacher and coach; in a way, I believe that all of us have a bit of The Healer within.

Without giving away the story, because I want all of you to have the experience I had, of actually reading this book; I will say that to me, The Healer is about sacred connections, among many other esoteric subject matters. The parts of the story that really got to the roots of me, are the spiritual and universal connections between the characters. The story begins with an introduction to the healer herself, and the tools she uses to divine what is happening in the world around her. What I loved and somewhat envied, was her ability to direct her spiritual gifts so that she could view a certain time period or specific place.

This novel expanded my feelings about my own intuition and spiritual abilities. Lloyd Matthew Thompson’s way of writing and telling this story, often made the extraordinary, seem as though it were a natural part of our everyday lives. For many of us, the experiences and the sacred connections in this book, are our everyday lives; but for some, it is not. One of the things I love most about The Healer, is that I feel that it has a very universal appeal. I don’t think that Thompson is writing the story just for us New Age 2014 hippies. I think he wrote the story to touch every reader in a unique way. You know how many spiritual teachers say, “God/Divinity can meet you exactly where you are”? Well, for me, The Healer is a story that can meet you exactly where you are.

The story addresses the duality of this life, that no one can escape. This is often what we talk about here on iWonder. I thank Matthew for writing this story; as it was able to keep an ADHD, internet loving, techno-geek, with the attention span of a 2-year old, enthralled!

Oh, …and I think there is room for a sequel.


by Kimm, Your Conscious Techno-Geek aka Spiritual Bling***