Acceptance of the Present Moment: What Does It Mean?

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photo credit: Amandine Marque via photopin cc
photo credit: Amandine Marque via photopin cc

I saw a tweet today about “learning to enjoy the present moment”. But I believe that this is a sort of mis-statement. Or, the particular words, “enjoy the present moment”, is for some of us, at certain times in our lives; but not for everyone, at all times. Andie and I, though different, are in sync, in many ways, including our thoughts on much of reality and spirituality. We are not afraid to address that which many teachers gracefully dance around or even avoid. To someone in deep suffering, tremendous pain, poverty, captivity, hunger; I would rather say, that, the present moment is all any of us ever have. It is always NOW. We hope that the “NOW” that we are in, is an experience we want to have, but many times, it is not. So what then is the reward of “being in the present moment”?

As one who has lived in many different states of life, I would say, that there is a reward, well..if not a reward; I know there is definitely a peace that surpasses human understanding. If one is in deep suffering, whether mental or physical, (though they are often intertwined as one); the power of being in the present moment, is the knowing, that even if we need, or want to escape a situation, even a life-death situation; we must first BE in it, to survive it. I used to read many stories about those on our planet who have endured deep suffering, and now live a life of joy and freedom; and the one theme that ran through all these memoirs, was the ability to, for moments at a time, lift one self, into one Self, and look at the situation from an above point of view. Just about everyone said, in their own way, that they had to get to a point of self-empowerment, to see clearly, to think clearly, to take action, if action could be taken; to allow help, if help was to be received. It was not until they came into an acceptance of their present state, that they were able to find a way out, to heal, to call for help, to fight, to submit, to survive.

Most of us will never know this level of suffering; but we suffer within our own minds at various levels throughout our lives. I have learned that it isn’t always appropriate to say that we should learn to “enjoy” the present moment. This is not always possible. However, it is an imperative that we learn how to “accept” the present moment, so that you can see clearly, gather your spiritual tools, and do something about it, if you don’t like it. The mind is unable to tell the difference between what we know as reality, and that which we imagine. So when we constantly live in another place within our minds, a space other than the space of the present, we can have no power in the present, because, in essence, we are not really “Here”.

If you are able to enjoy your present moment, then live it up to the max!! Our thrill and enjoyment, honors the moment and fills the space with deep gratitude. But if you are in a present moment that has you in the midst of any kind of suffering, I would not insult your experience by asking you to learn to “enjoy” it. I would offer this instead: that you ask with all your heart, that which lies within you, to help you to move into acceptance, so that you can see your situation clearly, and decide what you can do about it.

There is a trendy saying going around now, “Real Talk!” It means that what you’ve just said is on the money, on point; I feel you! The iWonder Sisters are about “Real Spirituality”, because we know, only this, brings true peace. And that’s Real Talk!

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