Creativity Is Your Whole Life!

via Gratisography
via Gratisography

So often, people think of the word  “creative”, as a word pertaining only to what we call, “artistic” endeavors. He or she, is creative because they can paint, draw, sing, compose, create sculptures, or dance. I used to think this way many moons ago, when I felt that I had lost my creative edge from working in a technical, corporate environment. As a child, I was always writing, creating stories, and writing poetry. Not a day passed, when I didn’t present my mom with my latest creation. This continued until I was in my mid twenties. But soon, my work environment seemed to take over, adding so much stress to my life, that years passed before I realized that I had not created anything worth sharing or talking about. Honestly, I had not created ANYTHING! Or so I thought…

Now in my late 40’s, after much transformation, inner and outer; I see creativity and life itself, from a different point of view. Creativity is the essence of life. I have come to believe from the deepest part of my soul, that Love and Creativity are the pure essences of all There Is. Not the kind of love that sends roses on Valentine’s Day or writes mushy letters in the beginning of a romance. I’m talking about the Love that encompasses the whole of existence; the light and its shadow; that which we think is beautiful, and that which we often think is vile. Creativity, is to me, just as misunderstood as Love. It too encompasses the whole of Life. Scientists and mathematicians are creatives. Math is one of the most creative and mystical processes that make up our Universe. Artists are creatives. Mothers are Creatives. Animals and plants, create all the time. We can bring this essence alive, into every aspect of living. Not only CAN we, but I feel that we should. We can design our everyday lives to be as mysterious and intriguing as we want them to be. We can add as much sparkle and bling to our lives as we can stand.

If you don’t know how to live a more creative life; first of all, you need to know, that Creativity is who you are, so you don’t need to aspire to it, or chase it. Start with the things you love the most. If it’s cooking, bring some wild flowers into your kitchen; otherwise known as weeds. Start a doll collection or rock collection and decorate your kitchen, or your bedroom, with these beautiful, sacred, and sometimes broken items that speak to your soul. Build a zany altar for your sacred space, or meditation area. Choose a drawer in your work desk and turn it into a magical spot you can peek into when you need to connect with your Self, your spirit. Fill it with goblins and faeries, angels or saints. Whatever connects with your psyche.

Bake crazy cupcakes; like candy corn cupcakes, lemon meringue pie cupcakes. Make a sweet potato pie with an apple crumb topping. Paint your bedroom ceiling purple and buy those stickers that look like stars in the night sky to adorn it. The message is; it’s up to you, and only you. And how many things in life are yours only, to create, to design, to cherish?

Live your life, as if all of it, is a blank canvas. Your life can look any way you want it to look. It can be fragranced in any way you choose. You can Bedazzle your kitchen countertop, or make a collage out of your dining room table. I encourage you to add some sparkle to your life; because when you do, you will begin to see what Life is really all about!

Now Go Create Art!

Kimm, Your Conscious Techno Geek aka Spiritual Bling!