Law of Attraction 2.0: I Remain Open To Life’s Magic!

clownnoseWith any form of spiritual practice, there is room and need for expansion. A deeper understanding from another point of view is sometimes required. When the Law of Attraction movie came out, it made a great attempt to explain to the masses, that the Earth plane in which we live, and the Universe surrounding it, is ruled by a law that mirrors our thoughts and feelings, which ultimately inspire our actions. This law is the reason our lives are the way they are; however that is. In the simplest of terms, what we think and feel, has designed the human experience in which we live.

The movie and all of the New Age teachers that were catapulted into the mainstream, also gave us many tools for consciously creating our reality; one of those tools, was the concept of a vision board. If you’ve never heard of a vision board, it is a creative and artistic way to display your desires in a physical way, so that you are always surrounded by that which you say you want. One would cut out pictures from magazines and paste them onto construction paper, directly on the wall, or some form of collage. Now, there are even digital vision boards, that can be created online and used as screen savers. The main objective of creating a vision board is to have your goals and dreams manifested into something tangible which is supposed to drive you, encourage you, inspire you, to move forward always in achieving the life expressed through images on the board.

As with any method of conscious manifesting, there are things that work extremely well for some, and not so much for others. Though we live under the same Universal laws, we are still having very individual experiences. For me, the vision board feels limiting. I have learned through my spiritual practice that one of the reasons I chose to enter into this human perspective, was to experience freedom. I love freedom.; the freedom to express, freedom to move about as I please, the freedom of controlling my time, and the freedom to change my mind. And the process of the vision board makes me personally feel confined to an idea of what my egoic self feels will make me happy. Too many times, I have found that it is not this layer of Kimm, the personality, the ego Kimm, that always knows what will make me happy. Many years ago, I thought I knew, but Life showed me that I could not imagine in my human mind, every experience that would bring me joy and an ecstatic life.

The majority of the things that have happened to me, that have expanded who I am, taught me invaluable lessons, brought me inner peace and joy, and inspired me to continue to create and evolve, are things I never even dreamed of. There are certain aspects of life that are not yet even within our consciousness; so therefore we cannot envision these things, because we may not even yet live in the awareness that these experiences or opportunities exist!

When I was in my late twenties, early thirties; I wanted very badly to be a wealthy business woman. I wanted to have the title CEO beside my name, and manage a thousand employees. I moved towards this goal a few times; but no matter how hard I worked, I was never able to get anywhere near that particular goal. There was a time, when it depressed me, as I saw others achieving that which I thought would make me the happiest. This is when my spiritual search, for ME, and who I really was, began.

Having “failed” at so many businesses, I felt tired, and chose instead to take a job at a winery paying me $8 an hour. It was, and still is, one of the best experiences of my life. I found a new passion. I learned so much. I met some fabulous people. I eventually became a salaried employee. I had the time of my life for about three years, and then again, it was time to move on.

Since then I have had many jobs, careers, worked for myself, and soaked up everything I could gain from each of these times in my life. The story would be too long if I included every detail; but let us just say I have had my share of ups and my share of downs. And I needed all of it, to become the Kimm I am today.

I now live on a 150 acre horse ranch in the mountains of New Mexico, with my best friend ever, and soul sister Andie, our doggie Chloe, and our two cat babies, G.G. and Dharma. We have the most amazing scenery and peace you could ever imagine, and a landlady and her family whom we love, connect with, and can share our love of angels, and faeries, and magick with. We work for ourselves as spiritual coaches, healers, and freelance writers. We take in the breathtaking night sky, and the beauty of the surrounding mountains everyday. We work hard about one or two days of the week, and we enjoy cocktail hour together, and celebrating family milestones over at our landlady’s home.

My vision board would have held none of these images. I was a city girl, who knew nothing of New Mexico, except that it was some small state in the Southwest. I didn’t know Andie years ago either. I also never thought I had the patience or love to give to a dog. They were always too “high maintenance” for the old Kimm. And by the way, Andie and I met in Florida; her by way of England, and me, by way of Philadelphia. We both ended up living in a place we said we would NEVER live; south Florida. But this is where we met!

Now she is the sister, friend, and confidante, I never even dreamed that it was possible to have. The life I have now, is only possible, because I was willing to check out what was happening in my peripheral vision. I was open and willing to make u-turns, and take detours. I was open and willing to know, that maybe, just maybe, I don’t know everything. And I still live in this space.

Yes, I have dreams and desires, things I want to do to make my world, and the entire world a better place; and I wake each day, peacefully moving towards these dreams. But if there is another path, another way, another dream, that is to be fulfilled by me, I am open to that also! Universe, bring it on!!

And I share this, in hopes, that all of you who resonate with this way of thought, also remain open to the magic.

Much love and gratitude,

Kimm, Your Conscious Techno Geek aka The Spiritual Bling