For the Love of Love!! Andie, Healing Hands, and the Animals

photo credit: Donna Cymek via photopin cc
photo credit: Donna Cymek via photopin cc

Yesterday around 6pm as I was preparing dinner, a wave of nausea came over me like I hadn’t experienced in a very long time. Because I have always experienced temporary bouts of nausea periodically, all my life, I just continued with the evening, thinking that it would soon pass. Well, it didn’t. Not so quickly anyway.

Andie and I said our goodnights around 10; and she blew me a kiss and wished me to feel better. I stayed up later in bed as I always do, wanting to enjoy podcasts and YouTube videos, with Criminal Minds in the background. But the wave of nausea, which had temporarily fled, came back with a vengeance. I proceeded for hours, to go back and forth to the bathroom vomiting up the entire day’s bounty, until there was nothing left but water. I felt so bad, because the bathroom is in the rear of our casita where Andie sleeps, and I tried my best not to wake her with the opening and closing of the bathroom door and the constant turning on of the light. And I didn’t want her to hear me throwing up my guts because she spent all of last summer helping me heal and recuperate from an operation; which I wrote about on our iWonder Health page.

But eventually the wretched sound of me vomiting, did awaken Andie. Meanwhile, our new baby rescue kitty Dharma, who is “Love” wrapped in fur with whiskers, was walking me back and forth to the bathroom all night. I almost cried tears of joy and wonder, when during my last trip to the bathroom, Dharma sat on the sink above me, with one of his paws on my shoulder. Yes, it’s true. If it were not me, I don’t know if I would have believed this love story. Our cat GG, came down off her perch, which is our space divider, and snuggled with me a bit, letting me rub her belly, which is huge for GG. She is also blossoming and opening up through the love of Dharma, and of course us, and this magical place in which we live.

At this point, I was feeling pretty ill, and thought I had caught some kind of virus and would be down and out for a few days recovering. Though I asked Andie to go back to bed and sleep, she ignored me, and came in the bathroom anyway. I was relieved to see her. Though I was protesting that she should be getting her rest. There is something so healing, so mystical, and so real, about the love of a true friend, a sister. She wet a small towel and placed in on my forehead and the back of my neck. I felt as though the wave of sickness was never going to end. Andie placed her hands on me and I knew that she was performing her method of energy healing. Neither of us said anything, until I said, I was going to go back to bed and try to get some sleep.

As I walked back to bed, our Chloe, bishon/poodle, was also now awake and wanting to see how I was doing. Chloe also sat in the bathroom with me last summer as I vomited once, for the entire day, until Andie took me back, for the fourth time, to the hospital. I laid down, and was determined to ignore my discomfort enough to just get a few moments of sleep. With Dharma, wrapped around my neck, I feel asleep briefly, and when I woke up, I could not believe the feeling I was having. I felt like I was literally surrounded, blanketed in Love. I said within myself, “I feel so loved. I’m surrounded by Love.” That’s when I noticed that the wave of nausea had left as quickly as it came. The discomfort was gone, completely. I felt 100% like myself!! I breathed a “thank you” to the Oneness that is Love, that is Life; smiled, and went back to sleep.

I was thrilled to meet up with my dear sister Andie this morning, a bit later than our usual coffee time, and tell her how great I felt. I told her about my feeling of being surrounded by Love; how much I appreciated and loved her for how she never lets me alone when she knows I need her. We sat in joy over the animals, and how aware they are, and how compassionate and loving our little Dharma is; and how all of them know when we don’t feel well, and how much they want us to be happy.

Andie revealed that she had done some energy healing on me, and I told her that I knew that she had. For we are all energy, everything is energy; that which we call “alive”, and that which we call “material”. The only difference is the speed of vibration. So if you are unsure of the power of Intent and Energy healing, I would like for you to allow my story, which is an everyday story, to sink within you and rest there. Energy healing is Love in its most active state. It really doesn’t require your belief, but it does require your Allowing.

The Allowing of Love, is something that I have grown into. It has expanded my entire existence. It has created more paths for me to experience everyday miracles. Never take your true friends, brethren, and furry babies for granted. They are the Love and Healing experience we all are seeking, if we simply allow.

Kimm, The Conscious Techno-Geek/Spiritual Bling YAY!!