Conversations with the iWonder Sisters on the Mysteries of Life

As a person who tested with a brain that is mostly balanced between left and right ways of thinking, learning, and creating; I value science and math, as much as I do art, music, design, and literature. As a matter of fact, these gifts of the Universe mingle and intertwine themselves into one beautifully tangled web of mystery.

I have a natural craving to uncover all mysteries; to know what’s going on behind the veil. Though, like many, I have had glimpses of the majesty and mystery on the “other side”, I am also very much grounded into the Earth and my humanity. I can’t wait to watch shows like, “Ancient Aliens”, “Mysteries of the Bible”, and “The Universe”. But I have also learned to embrace the fact, that though I may watch a million of episodes of mystery revealing shows, I will never know it all. Andie loves this fact, and lives within this knowing, very comfortably. I am in the process of embracing the mystery, day by day.

With as much information as we have available to us these days; it would be easy to become addicted to the uncovering of every aspect of Life, the Universe, and why we are here. But the only real truth that has been discovered, is that we will never truly know it all while in this human experience. The beauty, the dance, is to revel in the mystery, and be ok with it.

In this age of Information, can we still live in the wonders and mysteries of our existence? I believe I can, and personally, Andie and I believe that this is much more fun, than trying to know it ALL.

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Can you live in the mystery of life without the need to know it ALL? Share with us…