Sitting in Agape


21H (2)

“Love” is a hot-button word, loaded with implications and, sadly, expectations. It is confined to the human experience, and can operate in fits and starts. It doesn’t necessarily flow. It can, but not always. As humans, we all too often find ourselves addicted to this love, constantly needing approval and validation. We feel incomplete if we don’t get it, and our lives are a misery.

Human emotions are tricky things at best, and balls and chains at worst. We can enslave ourselves inside them, allowing the ego free reign, or sit with them, feel them, and let them pass, as they always do. Feelings are not qualitative either, neither good nor bad. They just are. And coping with them, even the ones that feel good, takes practice and self awareness.

“Love” as it is commonly used, generally refers to a feeling that is human-to-human. Sure it can refer to other things and beings like animals, or Black Forest Cake, but most often it is about how we feel towards other people. It doesn’t always come hand-in-glove with unconditionality. It is a word with limitations, and itself places limitations on us. In romantic “love” one might say to one’s partner, “You can love me, but you can’t also love her.” Limits and restrictions. That is how humans use the word “love”.

But Agape is something that goes beyond any limitations. It is Divine, Universal, Unconditional LOVE that each of us can feel for everything and everyone. It demands and needs no response, and can be used to express that kind of LOVE for someone who has harmed or hurt us, as well as someone never met. It is a word full of Humanity, and it is infinite in its reach, and once felt, never changes or leaves one’s consciousness. Sitting in Agape brings bliss, joy, and peace. It needs no validation. It exists all on its own, for its own sake. Allowing yourself to feel Agape is giving yourself permission to rest in the Universal flow of Intention, to be part of the Whole, to be fear-less. It has no ego involvement. It comes from your highest Self, and illumines the Source of all that is.

We feel Agape on a universal/celestial scale. It encircles the planet and soars into space. It gives without needing to receive. It embraces All equally and is sufficient in itself. And what it can bestow on one who feels it, is indescribable. It is the LOVE of God.

When you feel Agape, your individuation dissolves and you are one with the Divine, which is already who you are. Feeling Agape is just another way to connect with that Divinity within you, that IS you. And Agape needs no reason. You feel it just because. That is its greatest beauty.