Conversations with the iWonder Sisters Revisiting the Ego

butterflywomanlifeThe topic of the ego, being considered a “negative” aspect of ourselves, is highly important to us. So on this Talkshoe episode of our podcast, we revisited the subject. We believe wholeheartedly that we are here to experience life as a human being. And to have that experience fully, the ego is necessary. In this podcast we talk about embracing the existence of the ego, without allowing it to make all of your life’s decisions. The ego can also play a huge role in the way we respond to things, people, and circumstances. So it’s about awareness as it always is, in our discussions. It is not about trying eradicate the ego or make a villain of it; it’s about creating a life balance where spirit and ego meet.

As long as we are in this human experience, we will have an ego. The Spiritual Catalyst, Teal Scott Swan, says, that an ego can be healthy or unhealthy. It’s up to you if that resonates with you. But one thing Andie and I say, know, and feel; is that the ego has a purpose, and that purpose is to allow us to differentiate ourselves from another. And in this very sacred intricate game of life, this is highly important. The dance we are here to learn, is the dance between the truth of Oneness and the exploration of individuality.

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