feelingstuckThis week the iWonder Sisters talked about what it means when we feel stuck in our lives, and how we can best deal with the feeling. Often when you feel stuck or in limbo the Universe is telling you it is time to be still, and reflect on what is going on in your life. It is a time of non-action, a period of rest, and a time to take stock of things and see what lessons you have learned. Most people resist or fight against this feeling because we are so programmed to think we must be “doing” all the time, but periods of stillness and non-action are necessary to move forward.

So when you feel stuck try to relax and give yourself a break. The Universe is speaking to you and giving you permission to take a step back and allow yourself a period of reflection. So give yourself that permission too. Tell yourself that it’s alright to stop for a while, to look at what’s been going on, and see what you need to see, learn what you need to learn. It is all part of the process of Life.

To listen to this episode click the little orange button and then play episode 23. Episode 24 is our revisiting of the subject of Embracing the Ego.

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