Conversations With the iWonder Sisters on Blogging For Self-Expression

The Written WordOn our most recent podcast we discussed blogging for self-expression and inner healing. As professional writers and bloggers, we know the multitude of benefits that are gained by simply writing everyday. We encourage anyone who feels stuck, or unable to find their own voice in life, or in relationships,to begin simply by starting a blog just for yourself and your own form of expression. When blogging started years ago, it was used as a form of personal diary; you can take it back to those days, and watch yourself grow through your experience with Words. Writing, even as little as a paragraph a day, or a couple times a week, is miraculously transforming. Not only do you begin to discover creative talents you may have been unaware of, but you also begin to expand the scope of your creativity beyond the realms of what you’ve told yourself all these years.

The process of blogging sparks ideas that are expressed in prose, poetry, commentary, opinion, and design. Creating your own blog to share with just your inner being, the world, or whoever will read it, is a process that becomes wonderfully spiritual. As you grow and change, your blog will reflect those changes through your posts and your creative design.

Try blogging to help yourself get unstuck from the muck and mire that human life can sometimes pull you into. Try blogging to share your passions with others, and to connect with those who are like-minded. Simply begin, without self-judgement, and allow it to unfold naturally.

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