Exploring The Tarot

From The Archeon Tarot by Timothy Lantz
FiveofwandsAndie and I both have been lovers of the Tarot for many years. Recently, we have begun to truly learn and get to know the tarot in a more intimate way. We both are individually,building our own relationship with this ancient and sacred divination tool. As with any spiritual, metaphysical, or occult tool; it can be used in many ways for many purposes.

For those of you who may know little or nothing about the tarot, except for a television card reader; we want you to know that there is much more than either of us could fully explain. We are not yet experts, but there are many experts around who can help with all of the history and technical knowledge. Kelly-Ann Maddox of The Four Queens YouTube channel and blog, has been a great resource of learning for us, and teaches in a way that anyone with a desire can learn to work with the tarot. There are many wonderful teachers out there, who, like Kelly-Ann, bring respect and dignity to this sometimes maligned spiritual development process, cheapening it, down to a mere carnival fortune teller’s game. Many of these tarot experts are in our Twitter community. Along with The Four Queens; Christiane of the Cosmic Faery Tarot is a wonderful resource at http://www.cosmictarot.co.uk/. If you choose to use the tarot in a commercial sort of fortune teller way, it’s up to you. I don’t want to judge. But this spiritual tool holds within its depths so much more. It can be a force for self-healing, spiritual development, guidance, and direction. The Tarot can be your connection to Divinity, a way to help you set intentions for manifestation, or as a meditation tool to focus on a certain area of life, or to pull from the deck and see what comes up for you.
From The Deviant Moon Tarot by Patrick Valenza

As we continue and deepen our exploration of the tarot, we will share what we are learning and uncovering about it, and ourselves. Our combined intention is to incorporate its use into our spiritual counseling programs; and of course to assist us in setting our own personal intentions of growth and manifestation.

A huge part of what the iWonder Sisters is about, is presenting to you, knowledge, info, spiritual concepts, and Universal laws, in a way that you can feel free to see things differently, to feel secure in developing your own Truth. There are as many Truths as there are individuals. So, today, we present to you, the tarot, in this way. So that should you have any judgements about it that you feel no longer serve you; you are now free to see it differently. As you are with all of Life.

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