Last Thursday Kimm and I discussed physical fitness and how that relates to your spiritual journey. Each of us shared our own body image issues growing up and how they affected us as adults. As we are having a human experience on this earth plane, it is essential that we treat ourselves holistically and ensure that all aspects of our selves are healthy and balanced. Body, mind, and spirit are interconnected as parts of the whole, which is you, and if we neglect one part, the whole suffers. Living with body, mind, and spirit healthy and in balance helps to ensure that we can embrace Life and live fully, in compassion, joy, and gratitude. Holistic fitness is a spiritual exercise as well as anything else, and in treating with yourself as the sum total of your parts, means that you will give your attention to all of you.

To listen our conversation on physical fitness and spirituality, click the little orange button below,

Thanks for listening!

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