Conversations With the iWonder Sisters on Faith


There are certain words in our language that have unfortunately become loaded with the baggage of dogma; God is certainly one of those words, but “faith”, also falls into that category. We wanted to dig into this word on a personal level and talk about what it means to each of us, and what effect, if any, it has on our daily lives. The Christian Bible says that, “Faith is the absence of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” A beautiful verse, quite full of poetry, and very deep mystical meanings. Neither of us are Christians, nor are we practitioners of any form of organized religion. We wanted to discuss the word Faith on an even more personal and deeper level than that of being a part of any religion-based community. Though we often call it many things, Faith, is a part of the workings of Life and Creation. We all have faith, a deep-rooted belief in SOMETHING. 

To listen to our conversation on Faith, click the little orange button below. Thank you!

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