This week we talked about emotions, how it is important to allow ourselves to feel them, and what wonderful teachers they are. The New Age Spiritual community often, perhaps without meaning to, makes us feel less evolved or shameful if we experience what they sometimes call “negative emotions”. They lead us to believe that if we are truly vibrating at a higher frequency, we should be able to be happy and peace-full all the time. We believe that as long as we are having a human experience on this earth plane, we are going to have challenging and uncomfortable feelings and must give ourselves permission to feel, understand, and work through them, lest they fester, suppressed, and erupt inappropriately at another time, or take their toll on the body in the form of dis-ease. It is important to understand that, one way or another, your emotions will manifest, and it is really for your own well-being that you feel them when they come up, without adding the burden of thinking that you shouldn’t be having them. Kimm and I each gave examples of challenging emotions, how they affected us, and what we learned as a result. Anger, sadness, fear, jealousy, shame, and grief are some of the emotions that can teach us and help us towards greater self-awareness and understanding. Emotions can’t be “negative” or “positive”; they just are. We owe it to ourselves to accept our emotions, to own them, and learn from them. They are great gifts that help to expand us, open us, and make the Divine more accessible.

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