Conversations with the iWonder Sisters – On Mindfulness and Meditation Techniques and Benefits

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This week the iWonder Sisters’ conversation was all about mindfulness and meditation, which we agree are intricately intertwined. Mindfulness, simply, is being present in the moment – aware and conscious. It can be brought to any activity, transforming the most mundane – like doing the dishes – to the most elevated – like stargazing. Mindfulness is the experience of Now in its fullness, with clarity and non-judgement.

Meditation is a very subjective form of mindfulness, as unique to each person as his/her face is. Meditation brings together focus and a kind of letting go and surrender to the moment. We discussed several different ways to approach meditation, including reciting mantras silently to yourself, chanting, and focusing on the breath. The benefits of meditation can be had no matter how long you practice. Even 5 minutes in stillness can both relax and energize you, and set you up for a happy day during which you handle the day’s challenges with ease.

The iWonder Sisters believe deeply in the practicing of mindfulness and meditation as a very sacred way to live your life. With each you release the baggage of the past and concerns about the future, remaining fully in your consciousness, aware and very present – ready to experience the beauty that surrounds you.

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