Simple Contentment: What Does It Mean To Be Content?


simplecontentmentThough the world has access to many dictionary definitions of the words we use; each of us inherently, has our own personal definition. Andie and I both love words, and often when we are writing for our freelance clients, we always look up the definitions of words before we use them, even words we use daily. After starting our Simple Contentment page on this blog, along with our Simple Contentment tweets, we ended up in a spontaneous conversation about the meaning of the word “contentment”, or the verb, “to be content”. It triggered in us a desire to share with all of you, what we mean when we use the word.

The Simple Contentments we share on our blog and on Twitter, is our way of remembering to be grateful for all the seemingly small things that happen every day, that bring us joy. If you really reflect on life, I believe that many of you will notice that your happiness, that well of joy that is always accessible to you, comes from all of these so-called “little things”. All of us have enjoyed, and will enjoy again, momentous events in our lives that are purely unforgettable; having children, the beginning of a great relationship or friendship, a new job, or leaving a job to start a new career, weddings, funerals, and for many, divorce and other endings. But these are not things we experience every day, and waiting on any of it to happen, often brings more suffering than joy.

“Simple Contentments” are not our way of saying that one should be complacent and not desire new and different things and experiences. After all, the very meaning of human life is to create, and we would not be fully alive without desire. We should always expect that our lives can be even more full than they already are. To be content, as we mean it, is to dance that delicate dance between being totally grateful and happy for where you are in this present moment, and living in the belief and expectation that life can always be greater. And I am here to tell you, that until you can make peace with any moment, moving forward is impossible. It’s the sacred catch 22 of life. It is extremely difficult to move to what you may see, as a better space in life, until you become friends with the space you’re in. You may say, “Kimm this is probably easy for you to say, because you are not suffering.” Well, I say that I have had a time in my life when I did not have money for food, I have spent an entire summer in the hospital with doctors telling me to pray, because they couldn’t figure out how to make me well. I have experienced the loss of most of my family members, and through all of it, though I felt sadness, grief, hunger, physical and emotional pain, I realized that I still didn;t want to be anyone in those moments, but me. I call this “grace”, and we will discuss that word in the near future as well. But to me, “grace” is when you receive such comfort, knowing, and Love, that you know without any doubt, that things will not remain this way. And somehow, I was given grace in those times of my life. I was able to experience joy, of course, many days, that joy was accompanied by all those other uncomfortable emotions. But it was the joy, the contentment, that kept me sane.

So we wanted you to know that we believe that one can be content and happy, and still dream, reach, and work towards an even richer tomorrow. Because until you can create an environment, NOW, where the seeds of today can blossom into an even more abundant and joyful tomorrow, you will most likely never see the harvest.

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