Conversations With The iWonder Sisters: On Reclaiming The Power by Andie

This week on our radio show we talked about the energy of the Universe, of Spirit, and allowing that power to flow through us. I gave some wonderful examples of how it feels to become a vessel for that power, to connect to what your true Essence is. It is nothing short of a miracle when you are able to put your egoic mind-chatter aside, and listen to the whisper of your Soul. It is a magnificent moment, when all things are possible and you are One with the Universal Flow. The sensation is not something that can be easily put into words, and it is at once exhilarating and thrilling, and scary as hell. It is a real putting your self aside and becoming the true Self. I said in that moment, there was crystal clarity, and I felt as if I could do anything. And so I could. It is okay to be afraid of this power, but we should all risk having these moments of power and connection. They are a blueprint for how Life is meant to be lived.

Click the button to listen to the show.

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