In Love With the Flow of Life by Kimberly

casita ranch

As you read in the last post from iWonder Sister, Andie, we have relocated to the gloriously beautiful and soulful Southwest. We are now living on a horse ranch in Ribera, New Mexico, north of Santa Fe, south of Taos. It is so strange to have to put into words what the experience is like for us. We keep having to remind ourselves that we are not on vacation. We have plenty of time to meet all the people we look forward to meeting, explore all the scenery, enjoy all the art, food, and wine, and the exquisite outdoors. We are renting a casita on the ranch, and it is truly magical. I am not one to use that word so often, until lately. Life has given me so much to appreciate, and actually, it always has. This morning, while drinking our coffee outside with our Chloe the Muppet Dog (She is on Facebook), and enjoying watching the horses eat their hay; we actually saw a portion of the moon still visible, while the sun was shining brightly across the New Mexico sky. It was magnificent, something I have never witnessed before.

I now know what it is like to exist within the flow of life itself. No fighting against the tides, or walking against the wind, but allowing oneself to be carried away, with Life. I did nothing others would consider to be “productive” today, but I did everything that made me smile, laugh, and look up to the sky in wonder. I fell asleep for a few precious moments, sitting outside the casita. I played with, and gave love, and hugs to all the animals; ours, and our landlord’s. I started dinner in the crock pot,… and the casita is smelling delicious and warm. I took a long nap, and left the writing work for…another day.

Andie and I talked a lot about “allowing” on our weekly radio show this past week. It is wonderful to think you know what you want, and sometimes, you really want it. I remember Dr. Wayne Dyer, saying on one of his PBS specials, that if you really want something, you manifest it by, “really, really, really,really,really,really, really, wanting it.”

When looking at my life now, I suppose, what I really, really, really, wanted, was freedom, beauty, a great sister/friend I could trust with my life, and by the way, I have a few of those, (my cousin/sister Donyelle (Mo) and my golden lady, Nancy and Andie’s sister Jodi), an extremely starry night sky, seeing the moon in the morning, and being able to go with the flow of Life itself.

I am grateful to be a part of this magnificent journey. I am grateful to be flowing downstream. It feels good, really good. And so I offer this option to you; to not think so much, but to just Be, and see where Life, in all its mercy, love, and grace, wants to take you.

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