The Big Transition by Andie

Well friends, the iWonder sisters have done it and made the big move from South Florida to New Mexico! It happened rather abruptly and we were somewhat unprepared, and we were only able to take what my little Ford Focus would hold, but here we are now, on a horse ranch just north of Santa Fe in the mountains and it is glorious! We also came with 2 cats and a dog and spent 2 days and nights living in the car, sleeping at truckers rest areas, and eating sandwiches from gas stations.  We were physically, mentally, and emotionally fried by the time we arrived at our current destination, but have recovered and all of us, animals included, are treating this as home and it feels great! There is so much peace here and the energy is magical and we have adapted to the huge change in lifestyle very well indeed. I mean, here we are, 2 city girls, living in a very rural part of New Mexico, and loving it.

We have big plans, we partners in business and crime, and the journey has only  just begun. But, actually,  it started many years ago when Kimberly and I were born. It has all converged in this moment, this time. And we are so happy and excited for what this path may bring us to.  Only the Universe knows, and Kim and I surrender to its wisdom, love and guidance.

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