Living Anahata: Allowing The Heart To Guide Your Life By Kimberly


In the past few years, there has been much hype about what this new spiritual age of Aquarius, means for us and our planet. There are almost too many educated guesses about the coming, and now, the passing, of 2012, and what it actually meant for the entire Universe. Hollywood promoted apocalyptic movies, in which the Earth would be destroyed, or be taken over by an alien species. Many spiritualists spoke of an internal change; man evolving into a higher level of consciousness. While I believe that there is truth blended in with all the chaos, I also have my own theories about this new age, transition, ascension, the planet is going through. One of the most life changing truths I have learned, and am now beginning to understand fully, is that we are living in the age of “Heart intelligence”, Scientists are now discovering that the heart, as an organ, holds within it, much intelligence, almost brain-like systems. I do speak of recognizing this form of heart intelligence, but mainly, I am speaking of the “heart center” intelligence. For those of you who have studied, or at least read or heard about chakras, the energy centers of the body; the fourth chakra is the heart center. Depending on what spiritual school of thought you come from, there are at least 7 chakras, or energy centers, that are within and around the body, and each chakra is represented by a color vibration. The heart chakra, or as they call it in Yoga, Anahata, which translates from the sanskrit to mean “unstruck” or “unhurt”, is represented most often by the color green. This is the place within ourselves, that I believe that we should be living. To live from the “heart” is about more than doing what we humans call, “following the heart”. It is about more than simply, experiencing emotions, although all of this is also a part of it. But the most important part of living from the heart, is listening to its wisdom, asking it questions, using its intelligence and intuition to guide your everyday life.


Many years ago, when I was first introduced to the idea of living from the heart center, I was not fully able to grasp the meaning, or figure out how to move myself from the head/brain center, to my heart center. In yoga and meditation classes, I created my own little practice in order to do so. When my teacher would say, ” now move into your heart center”, I would imagine a pink chaise lounge in the heart area of my body, and see myself resting there, peacefully. It may sound silly, but it worked for me very well, after many occasions, and soon it was easy for me to “move into my heart center”.

You may ask, what does living from the heart really mean in my everyday life? Well, the best way that I can describe what it has grown to mean to me, in my everyday life, is that I now begin to make decisions based on how I feel, not solely, on what I think. I pay attention to the sensations in my physical body, particularly, in that area, when I am asked a question, or faced with a dilemma, or simply have to choose between one thing or another. The body always tells us what feels right, and if we listen, and tune into the heart, we can hear it speaking to us in a quiet, but confident way. The heart is very clear about what decisions we should make. It is no coincidence that one of the major killers of women, is heart disease. As women, we tend to have a closer heart connection, not that men don’t, of course everyone has a heart center, but women are more accustomed to tuning in to how we “feel” about a situation. However,this also makes us more sensitive, and we tend to absorb a lot of hurts and ills into the heart center. This center fails us when we ignore it, or neglect to nurture and heal it. If we treat the heart center, as our main form of intelligence, the center of our entire being, then we will treasure it, and that which we treasure and give value to, we tend to take care of, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Living from the heart requires practice. Human beings are taught that the brain is the engine that drives the vehicle of life. The brain/thought systems are important, but the heart is acting in your best interest; seeking growth and expansion in all areas of your internal and external worlds. Your heart is available to guide you to your deepest and most authentic desires. The heart center gives birth to our most vibrant creativity and passions, and gives us the ability to have compassion for ourselves and others. Of all of the dynamic changes occurring during this Aquarian age, the most relevant and life changing to me, is the recognition of the amazing intelligence, unending joy, and wisdom of the heart.

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