As you are reading this, where are you? On your couch in your living room? At a desk in your officacceptance-road-signe? On the computer or your smart phone? Take a moment to survey your surroundings and notice as much as you can. The objects in the room, the people, the sounds and smells. How do you feel in this environment? Comfortable? At peace? Sad? Happy? Distressed? Notice all of it and take it in. Can you accept what is right now, acknowledge that you are exactly where you are meant to be? You can’t move forward until you do.

Many New Age gurus talk a lot about acceptance and living in the “now”, but what does that really mean? It is not, as you might think, denying our histories, but rather, being wholly in the present moment, surrendering to what  is. That is not to say that you give in or give up hoping for better. Surrender just means saying yes to Now. The past is unchangeable and the future is yet to come, so Now is all we really have. Can you accept who you are at this moment? Where you are on your life’s path? Can you love all that you are and all that is? Can you look around and in the mirror and say, “This is okay!”? This is what acceptance is – an awareness, an acknowledgement, a recognition, and being okay with it. Now.  You cannot realize your dreams if you can’t accept what is Now. Acceptance is a stepping stone which  you cannot jump over  if you are to move on and create your future.  


When you can take stock of your life, the good and the bad, and say “Thank You” to the Universe or your higher power – whatever you understand that to mean – you are not only accepting what is, but also being grateful for all you have, for who you are, for the love that surrounds you.  Some say that being grateful is the most necessary ingredient in the recipe for your best, abundant, most authentic existence.  I say  gratitude makes you feel that your life is abundant now, and that you already have all you need for this moment.

Gratitude is that hot-air balloon that takes you beyond the mundane and into higher realms; it is a feeling of being full as opposed to empty, joyous as opposed to sad. It is a knowing that all is as it should be, and being thankful for it. Gratitude save us from self-pity and self-deprecation and lifts us to a level of appreciation for what we have been given. Being grateful frees us to imagine and dream, and helps us to  understand that being able to wash the dishes is as much a gift as eating a delicious meal.  Gratitude does not discriminate, and we need it to live our best life.


The “law of attraction” has been given a lot of press, but what exactly does it say and mean? The Law of Attraction says that whatever we give the energy of our attention to is what we will bring into our lives. So, if you focus on how much money you don’t have, you will perpetuate lack in your life.  If you think about and feel the abundance already in your life, abundance is what you will receive.

I have heard the phrase, “As you think, so shall you be”, and as thoughts are energy, it stands to reason that what you think will determine your reality.

law of attraction #1

Many people cannot deal with this type of thinking because, inherent in the Law of Attraction is the necessity to take responsibility for your thoughts and behaviors – in essence, owning your life. This kind of responsibility requires a great deal of courage, as the idea that you are in control is frightening to many.  It is far easier to think that we are adrift in a sea of randomness. But that is a victim’s mentality, and cannot work with the Law of Attraction.

All these things take a consciousness and practice, practice, practice. Old habits and old ways of being and thinking are hard to release. The knowledge that you create the world you live in can stop you dead in your tracks. But if you have a desire to be truly alive, to know and be your best, most authentic self, you will find motivation enough to turn things around and take back your control. Stepping back into your power is an awesome thing and, by its very nature, requires some getting used to. But you will get used to it and find yourself living a full and rich life.

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  1. tedescobill says:

    Wise words. But LOL @ first paragraph, as I was sitting on the toilet.

    1. aj0011 says:

      OMG, Bill! You’re too funny! Thanks for checking out our blog! We love you. Kimm

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