….And a Happy New Year by Kimberly


A couple of days ago, my friend and blogging partner, Andie, reminded me of something that seemed and sounded really simple, but resonated in my soul profoundly. I said to her, “here’s to a prosperous new year”, and she said “let it just be fun!” I thought to myself, yes, let it be fun. Fun, is underestimated in its power to heal and bring good gifts into our lives. Children know the value of having fun and simply being happy. It’s all they want, all they ever talk about. “Hey let’s go outside and have some fun!”

Every new year, so many of us set ourselves up for self judgement and feelings of failure. We set all these goals, and refine our to-do lists. We create our vision boards, and start our gratitude journals. We start thinking and envisioning all that we want to manifest, and then as the year gets rolling, we hit stumbling blocks, and come upon forks in the road, causing us to question what we really want. We listen to too many videos, and read too many books about abundance and prosperity, and then when we don’t make a million dollars, we somehow begin to feel like our lives are less than they should be. We lose sight of all the goodness, the laughs, the ease, the fun. And we only make things worse by “trying harder”. We pull out that video of The Secret, again, and watch it ever so closely to see if maybe we may have missed a “secret” or two.

This year, I am taking my friend Andie’s advice, and enjoying my days and nights. I am enjoying writing this post. I totally have mad fun making dinner each day. I have fun thinking about my next move on the planet, and who I will meet, and how I will change. It’s huge fun to be healthy and to feel good inside my body. If I do create a vision board, the first picture on it, will be of me, jumping up and down, just because I’m able to do what I love to do, which is writing about all that I love to do. I would have pictures of all my friends on it, especially the ones who make me laugh. I would buy that glitter glue I just saw in the supermarket, and put some bad art on it. I would paste words on it, like “ease”, “flow”, “relaxation”, and “everything is always ok”. And I will continue to live everyday; do some of what is required of me, meet a few deadlines for work, pay some bills, wash some dishes, and just simply enjoy my life. I will realize that nothing is truly mundane, and that every piece of this human puzzle is miraculous.

If we gain anything at all from our spiritual teachers and law of attraction enthusiasts, it should be, that when we exist on a higher vibration, we can draw to us, anything we focus on. Joy is a magnet. As Abraham-Hicks says, there is nothing, and we mean nothing, more important, than feeling good.

So I wish everyone a very joyous, fun, and happy new year.

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