The New “C” Words by Kimberly


I truly believe in the ascension of the planet; not that the planet needs my belief in its ascension. But because I do resonate with the reality that the planet is changing, and so are we. I believe that the way we do business also needs to change. When I was growing up, the word business was synonymous with competition. I never thought I was made to be a business person because of that type of thinking. I am not naturally a competitive person. Winning or losing means nothing to me. They have always been just words. I have always aspired to enjoy myself. I never needed a gold medal, as long as the race was fun.

I am not saying that having an edge can’t be a healthy thing. We need to feel motivated and energized, this makes us feel successful. I AM motivated and energized by working with others and appreciating others’ talents and gifts. In this new age we are now moving into, that “C” word, competition, is quickly being replaced by other “C” words, like collaboration and community. I am always seeking to build a collaborative community of human beings who want to bring their gifts to the table, for the sharing. We are all unique in what we do. Even businesses of the same nature, do things differently, and can therefore, offer something new and fresh to one another.

Let us move into a space where we can look at each other with admiration and kinship, knowing that your success is my success. This is the only way this global community that we call planet Earth, is going to thrive. The earth, I believe, will always find a way to survive, but we are now wanting more than just survival, or at least we should. We should want to join in this coming together, this forming of unions; human beings who are not all trying to beat each other to the finish line. Instead, we choose to do business with an attitude of appreciation and support.

The way we do business now should reflect how we want to live our personal lives. I am not trying to beat my brother to the dinner table, instead, I am calling him to come join me.

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