Sisters, Cooperating by Kimberly


A sisterhood cooperative, indicates that we intend to be sisters, cooperating with one another. When I was growing up, I heard many women say that it couldn’t be done. We were women; jealous, envious, vindictive even. Harsh words to describe the planet’s mothers and nurturers, but for many women, this was truth. I’m happy that these words never came from my mother, the most influential woman in my life. Of course, she taught me to be discerning, but she never taught me to distrust my own gender. That dysfunction came about through my own perspective, as I allowed it to sink into my psyche during college and my first office work experience. I found myself becoming extremely guarded and overly cautious of female friendships; even some men would tell me, “watch out for your girlfriend, ya know you can’t trust women.” But later on I found out that these were only words that came with their own agenda.  I also found out, that when we let go of all agendas, we can see ourselves, our relationships, and our sisters, more clearly. Without a bunch of expectations and agendas, we can see the purity in all existence. It began to make me think, what came first, the reasons to distrust my sisters, or the feelings of distrust? Did anyone ever actually do anything to me, or was my behavior of secrecy and distancing myself, causing me to have fractured relationships with the sisters in my life? I certainly will not deny or minimize the hurt that many of us have experienced, and may have caused each other, but it is important to remember that our thoughts and actions reflect themselves in every aspect of our lives; and if we see any part of the world as being a danger to us, ultimately it will respond that way. When I began to see my friendships with women, as being one of the dearest parts of my life, I started to become more open, more giving, more compassionate, and more alive, when in their company. I am sure my heart’s opening and expanding, is what drew my sister friends closer to me. Although I have dropped many unreal expectations, I have gained new ones. I expect that my sisters will love me when I’m not feeling so lovable, hold me when I’m prickly, find beauty in me, when I’m feeling unattractive, and lift me up when the heaviness of this human experience tries to keep me down.

Sisters, cooperating with one another; and they told us it wasn’t possible.



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