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The iWonderSisters are mentors, healers and readers and their services include both in person and long distance sessions.
Andie’s healing work is a bit unconventional. Although she is a certified Reiki practitioner, her healing sessions consist of both hands on modalities and visualization. She likes to get a feel of whom she is working with so there is a good bit of conversation involved in her sessions. She works with crystals, runes and tarot and oracle cards as well and will always end a session with a reading of some kind. Clients are expected to be active participants in her sessions as her work is an exchange of energies of both the healer and the client.
KImm does her readings through cartomancy – the reading of playing cards – and oracles decks. The tarot may come into play depending on the client. The readings are full readings done in mini ebook form. The readings can be on a specific subject, or a general forecast. Kimm has now added essential oil suggestions for clients to use on an emotional and physical level.
Often we work together for the same client. It depends upon their needs and requests.
Thanks so much for contacting us and inquiring about our work.
Andie and Kimm

Natural Magick Shop

Bast Oil                                                 Aphrodite Oil

bast-oil      aphrodite-oil

1.Natural Magick Shop. Magick oils and other pagan supplies, ritually crafted by an experienced witch

2.NOTE: For Long-Distance Energy Healing Sessions with Andie, which may include a guided meditation, chat session, energy healing, chakra clearing and/or readings. Spiritual Mentoring Sessions (Read blog post about what sessions consist of and if they are right for you )


The sessions will consist of both the spiritual and metaphysical, as well as the practical and the occasional tarot or oracle reading. We will be using healing stones and crystals to enhance the energetic intent of the sessions, and we would ask that you be honest and open. The sessions will be conducted either by Skype or telephone, so there will be a comfortable immediacy to them, and it would be good for you to bring some kind of notebook and pen to take notes for future reference. Kimm and I will also be honest with you if we feel you are not ready for us.

There are no refunds on mentoring sessions. Thank you. 


Half Hour – $20

45 Minutes – $30

60 Minutes – $38

For Andie’s Energy Healing Work:

1 45 minute chakra clearing  $25

4 chakra clearings  $80
1 mentoring session with Reiki distant healing and crystals  $30
4 mentoring sessions with Reiki and crystals $100

Please email us  to set up an appointment. Payments should be received prior to appointment time via

3. Intuitive Tarot and Oracle Readings for Spiritual Guidance and Counseling


Past Life Reading


Specific Question Rune Reading $20.00


 General Rune Reading $12.00


Full Reading Forecast, Tarot/Cartomancy/Oracle $25.00


Full Forecast Reading, via emails, includes your own short ebook sent via Google Docs and PDF form. Reading includes tarot/cartomancy/oracle cards and runes, plus if you want the Fabulous Essentials Reading which then includes suggestions for pure therapeutic essential oils.

Interactive Chat Readings via DM on Instagram, Google Duo, Skype Chat – $32.00

Tarot/Oracle/Cartomancy (Playing Cards) Mini Reading $8 One Card



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